Technology is getting advanced day by day. This advancement in technology can take the economy of our country to heights. Advanced technology can also make banking easy. Yeah, you just read right, online banking. Many banks are adopting online banking to make our work easy and also theirs, obviously. And among those banks, one is UBI that is Union Bank of India.

Wouldn’t you like paying bills at just one click or NEFT and RTGS at one click without going to the bank and of course, without standing in those long queues? It would be fun booking tickets while sitting at your home while talking and discussing with your friends or family members. Wouldn’t it? What you need to do is register yourself for online banking to enjoy all these facilities.

So after reading this complete article, you would know about how to register yourself for online banking, its advantages, how to create your id and how to log in. So, here we go.

UBI Online Banking Registration

Steps for UBI Online Banking registrations

Do you wanna have yourself registered for online banking? If you want to, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to a nearby branch of Union Bank of India. There you can ask anyone for the activation form for online banking. Get the activation form and fill it up. Make sure that all the details are proper.
  2. Submit that form to the bank executive, and then they will give one slip that is acknowledgement slip.
  3. Your online banking facility will get activated in 5 to 6 days. It might take a week also. You will be provided with one password and grid card. And that card will help you in doing all the transactions. It is a mandatory one.

Steps for Login to your net banking ID

Now you have your id and password for online banking. You just need to log in to make the transactions. So just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official site of Union Bank of India.
  2. There you will find one login button, click on that. It will take you to the login page.
  3. Now, enter your login credentials in the respective boxes. Then click on the login button. So, now you can have access to your account.

So now you know how it works. It is effortless and also saves our time.

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How to change your login password

If you are currently using your account or have access to it that is you’ve logged it in then go to the account settings, there you will find an option that is ‘change password’.  Enter your old password there and think about one more password and enter it to the space provided for new password and then save these changes.

Now, what if you don’t remember your current password? Won’t you be able to have access to your account? Relax! You can still have access to your account. You just need to click on ‘forgot password’. Then you will receive an OTP at your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP to the space provided and then reset your password.

This is all about UBI online banking. It will make your work easy. So don’t wait. Go and get yourself registered for UBI online banking.

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