You all might be familiar with the BECU organization, especially the American aviators. Yes, BECU is a union credit organization that offers various services to the employees of the Boeing company. In simpler words, BECU was a Fellowship Credit Union. It was founded by 18 Boeing employees in 1935. Later this union was renamed as Boeing Employees’ Credit Union.

Initially, only Boeing employees can operate this portal. But now, it is open to all the Washington residents. There are various benefits of using BECU and its online portal. In this article, we’ll deeply discuss about the benefits and login process of BECU.

BECU Login

What Are The Benefits Of BECU Online Portal?

  • With the online portal of BECU, you can track your credit rating. You even have the option to analyze your FICO score by logging into your online account.
  • BECU also provides a virtual Money Manager to every user. With this Money manager, you can set multiple financial goals according to your spending and income. You can even limit your spending with the help of the Money Manager.
  • BECU online portal notifies the users about their EMI and bills. You can directly pay your personal and business bills with this application. Users also get various other benefits when they pay their bills through this portal.
  • Whether you have a credit card or not, but the debit card will always be the part of your pocket. BECU portal allows you to manage any task related to your debit card easily. Whether you have to limit your debit card spending or need the online statement, you can do any debit-related task with this portal.
  • Hacking and illegal activities are the major threat of this technology-driven world. Many online account holders have suffered a lot due to hacking and leaking confidential data. Now, you don’t have to worry because BECU will secure your account. As a user, you can now customize alerts to manage the account activities. For example, you can set alerts for low balance, deposits, withdrawals, and payment reminders.
  • Now, you don’t have to store clutter in your phone of banking messages. With the help of the BECU online portal, you can download your monthly statement anywhere and anytime. In simpler words, you have the option to request your online statement on the registered mail ID. On the other hand, you can even directly download it in your phone’s internal storage.
  • Like other alerts, you can also set travel reminders when you are moving to a different state or city. You can even set a travel reminder when you are going for a vacation. Travel reminders help the company to know that you’ll be using debit or ATM card while traveling.
  • The best part of this portal is you can pause your debit card. Yes, pausing the debit card is important, when you have lost your card, or someone has stolen it. Later, you can unpause the debit card within a couple of minutes.
  • Transferring money to external accounts will be a cakewalk with BECU online portal. Now, you can easily transfer funds between BECU and external accounts.
  • BECU is improving its services day by day for the users. Now, you can reach the BECU agent with your computer or smartphone through the BECU portal and messenger. You can even connect with the agent through BECU mobile application.

Now, let’s know the login process of the BECU online portal. With this BECU online portal, you can access your online account 24/7 without any hassle.

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What Is The Login Process Of BECU Online Portal?

  • When it comes to logging into your BECU online account. You just have to open a secured browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • You just have to search BECU login and just click on the first link appears on the page. You will be directly redirected to the official online webpage of BECU.
  • You just have to enter the User ID and password of your BECU account. Make sure you are not saving your login credentials in the browser.
  • Enter your login credentials appropriately to access your online account easily.

This was all about the login process and the benefits of the online BECU account.

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